Full Forms

SARS – Serve Acute Respiratory Syndome

PET- Position Emission Tomography

MRI- Magnetic Resonance Imaging

UNFCCC-United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

SHAPU- Seasonal Hyper Acute Panuveitis

ISP- Internet Service Provider

E-mail- Electronic Mail

LED- Light Emitting Display

GB-Giga Byte

3G- Third Generation

PPTA- Project property Technical Assistant

LHC- Large Hedron Collider

EONR- European Organization for Nuclear Research

CT Scan- Computed Tomography Scan

CAT- Computer Axial Tomography

ORS- Oral Rehydration Therapy

BCG- Bacillin Calmette Guerine (Bacillus)

OPMV- Oral Polio Vaccine

DPT- Diptheria Pertusis Tetanus

STD- Sexually Transmitted Disease

AFT- Ameniocentesis or Amiotic Fluid Acid

STI- Sexually Transmitted Infection

VD- Veneral Disease

DDT- Dichlorodipheny trichhoroethe

Rh Factor- Rhesus

CMA- Community Medical Assistant

ANM- Auxillary Nurse Mid-Wife

AHW- Auxillary Health Worker

BPH- Bachelor in Public Health

EDD- Expected Date of Delivery

ICU- Intensive Care Unit

CCU- Coronary Care Unit

ENT- Ear,Nose and Throat

ECG-Electro Cardio Gram

EMG- Electro Myo Gram

ARI- Acute Respiratory Infection

VDC- Village Development Committee

UNICEF- United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund

UNFPA- United Nations Fund for Population Activity

USAID- United States Agency for International Development

UNDP- United Nations Development Program

TFR- Total Fertility Rate

PEM- Protein Energy Malnutrition

NPC- National Planning Commission

NGO- Non-Government Organization

MMR- Maternal Mortality Rate

IDD- Iodine Deficiency Disease

INGO- International Non-Government Organization

IMR- Infant Mortality Rate

IOM- Institute of Medicine

HRD- Human Resource Development

HIV- Human Immuno Deficiency Virus

HDR- Human Development Report

HFA- Health For All

FCHV- Female Community Health Volunteer

FAO- Food and Agriculture Organization

EPI- Expanded Program of  Immunization

DHS- Demogrphic and Health Survey

DDC- District Development Committee

DANIDA- Danish International Development Agency

CPR- Contraceptive Prevalence Rate

CDR- Crude Death Rate

CBR- Crude Birth Rate

CARE- Co-operative for American Relief

CTEVT- Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training

CEDA- Centre for Economic Development and Administration ,TU

DDT- Dichlorodiphenyal Trichloroetharine

BHC- Benzene Hexachloride

COSMAT- Communicaton Satellite

MRP- Machine Readable Passport

SEZ- Special Economic Zone

SAFTA- South Asian Free Trade Area

TRIPS- Trade Rellated Intellectual Property Rights

EPZ- Export Promotion Zone

TRIMS- Trade Related Investment Measures

ROBERT- Rocket Bone Emergency Radio Transmeter

FTTH- Fiber to the Home

FIFA- Federation of International Football Association

OAC- Olympic Council of Asia

PVC- Polyvinyl Chloride

RCC – Reinforced Cement Concrete

ATM- Automatic Tailoring Machine

CD-ROM- Compact Diskette- Read Only Memory

DVD- Digital Versatile Disk/ Digital Video Disk

FORTRAN- Formula Translator / Translation

FTP- File Transfer Protocol

GPRS- General Pocket Radio Service

ICT- Information and Communication Technology

LAN- Local Area Network

MAN- Metropolian Area Network

NIC- Network Interface Card

SCT- Smart Choice Technology

URL – Uniform Resource Locator

WAP- Wireless Access Protocal / Wireless Application Protocal

VPN- Virtual Private Network

WWW- World Wide Web

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